Phoca Mebel template is created for use
with the Phoca cart e-commerce extension

Phoca Cart is an e-commerce extension for Joomla! CMS


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Phoca Cart

Phoca Cart is a powerful e-commerce extension for Joomla! CMS. Phoca Cart is based on Joomla! framework and it is designed by Bootstrap or UIkit.

  • The main features of Phoca cart e-commerce extension include:

    • Shopping Cart
    • Invoicing
    • Point of Sale
    • Customer Benefits.
    Find out more about Phoca Cart in Phoca documentation.

Develop e-commerce website quickly and efficiently

Whether you are going to run a large online store, a small online store or just an online catalog, Phoca Cart can help you in every situation. It's easy and quick to set up and use, and will allow you to be ready to build an online store on your Joomla system as soon as possible. Phoca Cart cooperates with other Joomla! components. There is an option to send newsletters to customers with help of Phoca Email component, to display PDF documents with help of Phoca PDF component or to display open graph data with help of Phoca Open Graph plugins. Phoca Cart accepts content plugins, that is, any plugin that can be displayed in the article content, can be displayed in Phoca Cart.

Phoca Cart is a very modular system just like Joomla! CMS. The basic component can be extended with modules and plugins. The basic plugins include payment and shipping methods but also plugins for displaying different features like Phoca Cart Image Zoom plugin or Phoca Cart Free Shipping Info plugin. Other types of plugins are feed plugins like Phoca Cart Feed Google Merchant Plugin. There are a lot of modules, for example to display comparison list, wish list, currency list or list of ordered products. There are modules to display category list, product list, slideshows or carousels. Among the most important modules are search and filter modules. See Phoca Cart extensions site for more info.